Fresh Vegetables


  • Fresh Vegetables Are Sole Individually, or loose by weight.
  • Vegetables Are Subject To Current Market Prices
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Iceberg Lettuce £1.30, Cos Lettuce £1.35, Assorted Peppers 80p each, Whole Cucumber £1.50, Half Cucumber £1, Tomatoes £3 kg, Cherry Vine Tomatoes £2.45 kg, Beetroot £1.50 kg, Raddishes £1, Closed Cup Mushrooms £3 kg, Portabello Mushrooms £7 kg, Courgettes £2 kg, Celery £1.25, Celeriac £1.75, Cauliflower £1.65, Carrots £1.50 kg, White Cabbage £1.50, Butternut Squash £2, Curly Parsley £3 kg, Red Onions £3 kg, Washed Mids Potatoes £1.75 kg, Baked Potatoes 60p each, Sweet Potatoes £2.00 kg, New Potatoes £2.50, Fine Beans £1.50


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